Painting your home is often a chore best left to the professionals, for a variety of reasons. First, the pros have all of the right equipment to tackle the job and get it done in a timely manner. Second, they have the experience to apply the right amount of paint across your home. Third, painters know when it’s a good time to paint your home. Unless you’re experienced in the painting industry, you probably didn’t know that painting can’t (or at least shouldn’t) just be done anytime you want. There are specific months and seasons that are better than others for painting.

Blanket statements about the best month to paint your home aren’t always the most accurate. There are some winter days that may provide better conditions to paint homes than average spring days! But in general, a good exterior house painter in Phoenix, AZ would agree that the summer is the best time to paint your home.

What painters consider

There are more factors to consider than just the month. Painters don’t run out and start painting homes on the first day of summer and stop on the first day of fall:

  • Daily temperature: The temperature when you paint should never be below 35 degrees. If it’s too cold outside, the paint won’t dry correctly and you’ll be left with a shoddy-looking home. For this reason, across the country, summer is typically a painter’s favorite time of year. They can get the most work done when the days are hot and the temperature never comes close to 35 degrees. As we’ve seen in the past, summer temperatures can start much earlier than June and run much later than fall. For that reason, painters always have an eye on the weather to determine good days to work.
  • Temperature fluctuation: Painters have to keep in mind that the temperature at sunrise, midday and sunset are never the same. It’s fine to paint during a 50-degree morning, and it’s find to paint when it’s 100 at noon, but your paint might not dry correctly with these huge fluctuations in temperature. For that reason, some painters prefer to paint during the fall or spring. Sure, the temperature might be a bit cooler during the day, but there won’t be such a big fluctuation between morning, daytime and night.
  • Moisture: Paint technology has advanced to withstand moisture better than it used to, but that doesn’t mean it can be applied in just any weather conditions. There can’t be any clouds in the sky if you’re planning on painting outside. For this reason, painters like to work in the summer, when the odds of rain are lower.

The only thing to be wary of is an exterior house painter in Phoenix, AZ who says he’ll paint in any weather. As we’ve learned above, painting can only be properly done in the right conditions. Trying to work in inclement weather will only result in a poor paint job and a bad-looking home.

If you want your paint job done right, give Joseph’s Coat Painting a call today. You can trust that we’ll paint your home in a timely manner, but only when the conditions are right!