It happens more often than not—you need a small home repair or painting done and you end up with less than satisfactory results. Or worse, careless contractors who take poor care of your property or don’t care about thoroughness or quality.

Don’t lose hope.

There are some important questions to consider before you hire a company or contractor for your interior or exterior home painting. At Joseph’s Coat, we have multiple levels of accountability when it comes to service and quality. We asked our project manager and quality assurance lead what they think are the most important questions to ask and factors to evaluate when choosing a contractor.


“Make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded and insured… and can prove it,” said Matt, our project manager.

Credentials is probably the best place to start when considering a contractor. Essentially, a contractor should be granted a trade license as mandated by state and local laws and have proof of insurance. Along with a certificate of insurance, some contractors also purchase surety bonds which act as another layer of insurance to protect their customers.

Prep work

One of our newest Joseph’s Coat employees, Mario, who also oversees quality, said the next thing to ask about is thorough prep work.

“Are they just going in and putting paint on walls or are they properly prepping the walls, filling in holes, covering furniture and protecting the floors? Those are things to watch out for,” Mario said.


Most people will take the time to write a glowing review of products and services, or bad ones. Reading up on a company from past customers or clients is often a clear view into contractor’s reputation and work.

“Reviews are huge in this work field, talk to others about a contractor’s work and their experience during their painting process,” Matt said.

(Fun fact, we are one of the most highly rated painting companies in Arizona on Angie’s List.)


“So many painters just don’t care about making something beautiful, or don’t take care of customer’s property,” said Mario. “It does take a lot of skill to cut in clean lines and apply even coats, but make sure your contractor cares about what they do.”

From prepping, protecting floors and furniture, using quality paint and making sure applications are top notch, hire painters who are mindful and considerate. That means paying attention to details, respecting your home, listening to your concerns and never cutting corners.

“You never want to hire someone who doesn’t care,” Matt added.

We’re confident that we offer all of the above and would love to work with you.
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