Businessmen, tradesmen, artists, families, entrepreneurs, coffee roasters, students, seasoned business owners and young mavericks gathered Saturday in central Phoenix at mixed-use building The Newton. Greetings exchanged and drinks poured.

The purpose for such a smattering of community and business diversity? To support and further display the idea that all work matters.

For the past few months, our company has been working with Media f15teen to create a marketing video for our customers and the general public along with a series of culture videos about four key pillars of Joseph’s Coat Painting.

“The sales video is aimed to show customers and clients that Joseph’s Coat thinks much deeper about what they do… and, at the end of the day, this effects quality, consistence and outcome,” Media f15teen owner Josh Dailey said.

Saturday evening, our painters, crew leaders, executive team and affiliates welcomed friends, local business owners and other community leaders to our video release party, where we screened all five videos and thanked each company and business represented. Under the banner of a humble perspective, generosity, quality and care for others, we are beautifying and restoring our city through painting.

For some it might not sound like much, but we believe it’s helped our company, the homes we paint, the people we employ and the people we work with flourish and grow.

It’s so much more than painting. We hope to bridge gaps and break barriers that often keeps tradesmen from well-deserved recognition. It’s hard work, without fluff or flash, but we give our painters great pride and heaps of value on what they do.

Watch our film above and see for yourself.

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