The service industry is broken. It’s hard to remember the last time I didn’t feel like an inconvenience to the person providing me a paid service. Like in some way, me spending money for a meal (plus tip) or asking my contractor for another set of paint swatches to look over is an inconvenience.

It feels like many people in customer care are wrestling through an overwhelming tension – “how can I do as little as possible…and still keep this job?”

But it makes sense. To serve well requires a special kind of person. It takes a person that believes greatness is measured by the ability to improve quality of life for others.

service-2In this post we’ll look at 5 components of incredible customer service that are reshaping customer service in Arizona, and have helped Joseph’s Coat Painting win Angie’s List’s “Top Service Award” 5 years running and a 5 star A+ rating with the BBB.

5 Marks of Incredible Service

  1. Confidence – Not to be confused with arrogance, this is a person that understands that “servant” does not “mean less than others”. They are skilled, know their product and use their abilities for the benefit of others.
  2. Contentment – When a person sees their role as valuable, and people as important, they are able to serve without praise. They are grounded in who they are. It’s why we offer award-winning customer service – not because we need approval – but because we value people.
  3. Humility – In contrast to confidence, this is a person that doesn’t see themselves as better than others. They see the role of others as important and view others as contributors to successful community development.
  4. Communication – A person that knows their product and uses that knowledge to help others make wise decisions – without being condescending. From a waiter helping choose the perfect glass of wine, to the painter helping with color selection. Informed customers that understand the benefits are happy with their decisions.
  5. Foresight – This is a person that sees and meets needs before they arise. A painter that has foresight is attentive to potential problems and makes sure application is done right because they know that painting over a problem does not provide a long-term quality solution. Foresight is why Joseph’s Coat Painting can offer a 10-year warranty for both product and application.

Services Is Leadership

service-1Joseph’s Coat Painting is committed to finding and developing people that humbly serve Arizona because we believe service is leadership. From our estimators to our painters, to our foremen, to our team leads, to our office staff, to our administrative staff – we are committed to giving our clients a quality paint job they’ll be happy with for years to come.

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