Humble service and willingness to learn. These are two things we have seen consistently in Troy’s attitude over the past year. At JCP, we’re not only interested in skilled painters with technique and efficiency in their process, but we make sure to invest in character where character shows.

Troy now works as a crew leader for our company and can handle single-day jobs with ease. His ability to ask questions with humility and attention to detail has aided him in growth as a painter who understands process. As a company who takes pride in quality assurance and taking care of our customers, we couldn’t help but recognize Troy as our Employee of the Month for September.

“Troy is extremely loyal, hard working, and cares a ton for what he does,” said Brian Brown, owner. “He lives out so much joy and thankfulness. He’s always willing to learn.”

We’re thrilled to see him operating in leadership, with the understanding that leaders are servants at their core.