Older houses and houses built in areas that experience extreme weather conditions will eventually need their exteriors repainted. The extent of painting ranges from the entire house, to the trim, to just the siding that faces the hot sun. If you’re a homeowner who’s thinking about taking on a house painting project, then there are a few things you should know before starting to ensure everything goes smoothly, but the following information is good to know even if you plan to hire a painter.

Another new year is upon us—it’s a great time to give your home’s exterior a makeover! Here are some tips from a seasoned residential painting service in Phoenix, AZ for making your old home new again in 2018:

  • Use quality paint: Don’t go for cheap paint! While you’ll save a few bucks, the higher quality paint you use, the less often you will have to paint your house over the years. Quality paint also gives better coverage over surfaces of all sizes. When it comes to newer, improved paint, the color you use has a better guarantee of lasting longer and not fading away in a few years.
  • Protect surrounding areas: Painting can be messy, so make sure to cover the ground and landscaping near the work area, and cover up or move outdoor items, such as furniture, grills, play sets and hoses.
  • Sand and clean: The thing about house paint is that it will have a difficult time holding onto rough or dirty surfaces. The paint job won’t look even all around. It’s for this reason that cleaning and sanding the house trim and siding prior to painting is a must. Clean the area, let it dry, then sand or scrape peeling paint to reveal a surface that the paint can adhere to.
  • Replace rotten wood: Note that paint absolutely will not stick to rotten wood. If you do paint over rotting siding or trim, it will still continue to deteriorate. Small areas of rot may be salvaged using a wood hardener and an exterior wood filler, but you should replace wood materials that are totally rotten through. Don’t forget to clean and sand before painting.
  • Paint top to bottom: Painting your house from top to bottom helps to control paint streaks, and allows you to easily smooth out paint drips as you work your way down.
  • Close up paint containers: Whether you are taking a break or stopping for the day, be sure to properly seal your paint cans with their lids to keep the paint from drying. It’s best to use a rubber mallet to tap the lid onto the can. Consider using plastic wrap over the opening to achieve a tighter seal.
  • Hire professional house painters: Painting a house on your own takes time. Homeowners who want the job done right and in a timely manner should consider hiring professional house painters instead.

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