Let’s face it, work is primarily seen as a means to an end. We work hard with hopes of improving our quality of life. We work to support our passions. We work so someday we won’t have to work.


If you view work as nothing more than a necessary evil, the significant end-of-year investment that Joseph’s Coat Painting made in developing a vision statement and core values will sound like a complete waste.

Why not just say, “We exist to make money” and call it a day?

Our Mission Matters

A good mission statement offers insight into what a company sees as their purpose. This is the first time Joseph’s Coat Painting has written a mission statement and we wanted to get it right.


So we read books and articles, we looked at who we are and what is important to us, we looked at how we can improve and who we want to become, and we looked at others who have gone before us to get wisdom and to learn from their experiences.

We believe that we came up with a statement that reflects our culture, beliefs, and hopes.

“Quality painting for the good of all.”

Our vision is simple, but it comes with a great sense of responsibility. These words are not just a poster on our wall – they shape us and give us direction.

When you strive to live for the good of all, it changes the way you work. We’re not just thinking about our profit. We believe every home we paint benefits our employees, our customers, our city – all.

This is a big vision for a painting company, but it motivates us, directs our decisions, and helps us remember the big picture. It reminds us that what we do matters.