Our heart for the community and city, It’s more than profit, more than our system and skill, more than getting a job done and going home, we work in an industry of restoration.

On a scorching, early October afternoon, one of our crews spent nearly an entire day scraping old, peeling layers of paint from a home’s eaves. They were behind schedule. Normally, we take a few hours to scrape and patch any exterior surface flaws, then move on to prepping the entire body of the house to paint. That includes masking off windows, power washing and priming. But they spent an entire afternoon just scraping. Removing layers and layers of the old, hard-to-look at paint from this home mere miles away from our office.

To any other contractor, even to the homeowner, this might be one of the most grueling and time-wasting efforts to spend an entire day on. But, we see it differently.

We’re giving homes new life, even in the smallest and most mundane of actions, by smoothing out a surface and repainting. One by one, with every home, every office building, every apartment complex or restaurant or storefront, we are giving our neighborhoods and cities life again.

The extra time, energy, materials and hands it took to get this particular home ready for paint wasn’t just written off in our minds as an eyesore to give special treatment, but a prime example of the reason why we work hard for others and for the city at large—to beautify our city.

That’s why quality and care for our customers matters so much to our company. And when we make mistakes or fail to operate with the level of care and quality we talk about, we hope that each and every time our customers can see humility in our voices and true effort to right wrongs.

We’d love the opportunity to paint your home or business, contact us today.