We’re all about restoration.

The past year for us has been about growth, restructuring and transitions. We’ve brought on many new employees, saw massive growth in marketing and branding, social media, commercial work and even a new system of in-office inventory.

Over the past few months we’ve been slowly remodeling the office space shared by Redemption Church Alhambra near the central Phoenix area. We enlisted our talented project manager and other skilled friends to help us with remodeling the upstairs rooms in the church’s office building.

Underneath some old tile, we found beautiful wood and got to work on cleaning out the rooms, ripping up the entire flooring and even knocked down a wall. Our project manager, Matt, smoothed out the floor’s surface and applied some sealant. Soon after we started painting, included some accent doors with our JCP green and then began planning out our ideas for furniture.

While our office is still not complete, we couldn’t be happier with the custom made tables by our friend at Red Mountain Integration featuring our paintbrush/crown icon.

We can’t wait to continue sharing our remodeling process with you as we move forward.