There are so many great pillars in our company that set us apart from the rest, and we fully believe it’s in placing people into key leadership roles at Joseph’s Coat Painting.

Matt has transitioned seamlessly and fiercely from a painter to a skilled crew leader and now to his current position as our projects manager. Matt oversees all of the job sites at the ground level, assisting each of our five crews, handling customer needs, and also handles a handful of estimates for us.

“Matt has a great care for all of our guys, and is super skilled at so many aspects of the industry. You name it, Matt can do it,” co-owner Brian Brown said.

With his level of expertise in systematic structure, application, product knowledge and technique, Matt is not only able to direct our crews, but also gets his hands dirty and assists with projects.

“One of my favorites things about this company, and I think the thing that really sets us apart, is the care that’s taken for everyone,” Matt said. “We spend more time getting to know our guys and spending time with them than any company that I’ve ever been apart of.”