As we aim to build up our company, finding the right pieces to fit the puzzle is key. We knew we needed an executive team who could serve in multiple roles and had the potential to grow over time.

In hiring our new office manager, Diana Martinez, we were pleased to also have a company writer to focus on branding and marketing efforts.

Diana’s experience in editorial and copywriting has allowed her to take hold of our story at Joseph’s Coat Painting and assists in sharing that story through our blog, brand, and customer service.

Have you called the office lately? Chances are you’ve spoken with Diana to schedule an initial estimate or handle new opportunities.

“I hope that in the first impressions made with our customers, I’m able to represent our values well and carry out the importance of service and humility that Joseph’s Coat strives to embody.” Diana said.

We are interested in hiring and adding people to our team who can be here for the long haul, from crew leaders to business development and office work, our owners Joseph and Brian Brown tout Diana in her ability to wear more than one hat.

“I really loved her attitude, humility and love for being part of our story at Joseph’s Coat,” Brian said.