jose-768x1024 Joseph’s Coat Painting is proud to present Jose Espitia as our latest Employee of the Month.

Jose’s leadership qualities and hard work ethic have made him a special part of our company.

A dedicated veteran, Jose has a huge heart for those around him and a high level of excellence is seen throughout his work and relationships with others.

At Joseph’s Coat Painting, we are so thankful for our service-minded painting crews who value commitment, quality and an encouraging work culture.

We caught up with Jose and our co-owner Brian, read more below.

What is the best part of your job at Joseph’s Coat Painting?

The best part of the job is seeing the satisfaction on the customers face when the job is done. Sometimes I feel like I just painted a masterpiece.

How does your job allow you to grow personally and professionally?

This job has helped me find a place in the civilian world. I’m a veteran and for a long time after I separated from the Marine Corps, I felt like I did not belong on this side of society and it has been really hard to transition back. This job at JCP has helped a lot in just putting me in front of customers. It has also allowed me to live life at a slower pace. I’m very thankful for JCP and the opportunity they have given me.

What makes Jose stand out as an employee and painter?

Jose’s character is amazing and inspiring. That character and leadership is what made us bring him into the company. He had no previous painting experience, but his leadership made it a very easy decision. We want guys with character and work ethic like Jose, it’s exactly what we as Joseph’s Coat Painting are all about. – Brian Brown