In craft, trade and service, a huge weight of success lies in the finished product and the experience of the buyer.

If the end result of our service or customer experience is anything less than satisfactory, it affects the way others see our company. Reviews play such a massive part in our new business efforts and referrals. With more than 400 reviews on Angie’s List, our company has built a solid reputation of quality, great communication and attention to detail over the past 15 years.

Each month, we’re bringing you a detailed look at one of our customer reviews, from commercial to residential, exterior to interior. Hear from our very own customers the experience they had in service and quality with Joseph’s Coat Painting.

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Down a quiet street in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, our repeat customer Lynn needed a good portion of her interior painted after doing some remodeling. She called us last month for another estimate after we completed a full exterior repaint to her ranch-style home in a rich tan with dark brown trim and a bright red front door as an accent.

“After the first job, I knew you guys were my painters for life,” Lynn said.

This time around, we painted Lynn’s kitchen, family room, bedroom, hallway, an accent wall in the dining room and other areas such as ceilings and moldings. Lynn chose a cool-toned color palette, featuring whites and grays. She also added a deep blueish gray accent wall for some contrast.

“The experience has just been phenomenal from top to bottom,” said Lynn. “I was in the service industry for over 20 years, so I know how it goes. Everyone is really detail oriented, punctual, friendly, clean, honest, hard working, and professional.”

To her surprise, she got to work with one of our long-time painters, Troy, again after he worked on her exterior last year.

“These guys really know what they’re doing and strive to make each experience better than the one before,” she added.

Coming from years of management experience, Lynn knows what to expect in service. As a customer, she’s also had her fair share of “horror stories” in hiring contractors for other home improvement work.

From not showing up, to bringing the wrong products, shoddy work multiple times, and what Lynn describes as “excuse after excuse” for mishaps or lack in quality.

“That’s the thing with Joseph’s Coat, you guys don’t come up with any excuses,” she said. “You guys are one of the best companies I have ever worked with.”

We love to hear feedback from our customers and wouldn’t be where we are without our supportive and loyal client base.

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