As a service-oriented company, we believe work matters. It’s not just the work itself, but our hearts and intentions to make better communities and to build solid skills and leadership in our employees. This summer, we’re extending that vision.

We’re pleased to announce the JCP Summer Apprenticeship. A two-month summer program for youth in our city. Our aim is to teach and train four youth during the summer on skills in the industry, how to finance and steward their responsibilities, and to lead by example that all work truly matters.

We will be launching the paid apprenticeship this month with our first four youth students. Each youth will be assigned to one of our dedicated crews to work as painters assistants and will work three 8-hour days a week. Job duties will include helping with prep work, maintenance, learning how to spray, as well as brushing and rolling. The apprentices will also attend a class on a variety of topics, such as financial stewardship, twice a month.

Our team couldn’t be more excited to offer this program! If you’re interested for your child or want more information about the JCP Summer Apprenticeship, email us at