As our summer apprenticeship rolls into its final week, we’ve been able to see some of our young apprentices grow and learn in such lasting ways. Part of our apprenticeship included biweekly leadership training meetings that surrounded topics like why work matters, financial stewardship, and how to view work in light of the Gospel.

Through the weeks of working their tails off at multiple job sites, learning how to paint, prep, and even spray, they got to live out and learn from some of our company’s main pillars such as  honesty in work, caring for customers, and taking care of the man next to them.

Our apprentices, Robert, Marcelino, Kyros, Damien and Ethan were such a great addition to our team and we’re proud to have kicked off this new program within our company with these guys.

During our last meeting, Aaron, our business development manager asked the apprentices a major question in light of learning about how work was made, what its purpose is, and how we are called to work now…

“How has your view of work changed the way you will go to school this year?” We think Kyros and Ethan’s answers pretty much summed up our hope for this apprenticeship.

“I learned to be more intentional in school,” Kyros, 13, said.

“I think it’s also about learning what our place is,” said Ethan, 12. “We’re there to learn. And it’s also just about being in a community and interacting with others… not just sitting in one place.”

We’ll be wrapping up the program next week and can’t wait for next summer to train and learn from more young apprentices! Though we’re already booked for next summer’s program, email us at if you or your child is interested in participating.