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painted roomLooking to dress up an accent wall? Remodeling the living room? Feeling ambitious and hoping to completely redo your home’s color scheme? No matter the scale of your project, painting is a big job. It’s messy, it takes time, and there are a lot of steps that need to be completed along the way before you can say that you’re finished.

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Joseph’s Coat Painting gives Phoenix, AZ homeowners the opportunity to avoid the hassle and tedium of tackling such an ambitious task themselves. Doing it on your own is always an option, sure, but it is only a viable one if you’re prepared to do a lot of research and groundwork beforehand. Painting isn’t quite so easy as picking a color and slapping it on a wall if you want to make sure that it’s done properly. A rushed or disorganized job is going to look shoddy and take even more time and work to fix, so make sure that it’s done well the first time! As an interior house painter, we take the important but troublesome details out of your hands. Tell us what you want changed and what color you want, and we will take care of the rest! Keep in mind that once you have your hue picked out (a difficult enough task as is, but we can help with that, too!), you have other considerations to tackle before you’re ready to put down the initial coat. How many gallons will you need for an even application? Is the old paint that you’re covering up water- or -oil based? Do the walls need to be sanded before applying a primer? What kind of primer is needed, anyway? It will be a slow process, even with all of this information prepared: surfaces need to be cleaned well in advance to make sure that the paint sticks, painter’s tape has to be applied to protect edges and corners, and each coat needs time to dry before the next can be applied. Finding dependable house painters can be a chore in and of itself. There are many contractors out there, and the quality of their work can vary to an extreme degree. Many will cut corners or rush for the sake of a speedy finish, or may not be willing to put in additional work beforehand to prepare. Joseph’s Coat Painting provides a complete job, down to first making repairs to your drywall to ensure that the end result looks its best. We also take care of that preemptive cleaning, and the application of primer and/or stain blockers, as needed.

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Interior House Painter in Phoenix, AZ

We take our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction seriously at Joseph’s Coat Painting, because we want our work to speak for itself. Once it’s gone up, your new look is going to be staring at you from the wall for a long, long time, so it’s vital that you’re happy with it from the get-go. To know that our product is still in your home years down the line is a responsibility we don’t consider lightly, because finding an interior house painter that you can rely on shouldn’t be a gamble! Wherever you may be in Phoenix, AZ, we want to be the house painters that you trust.