You don’t hear many kids say “I want to be a painter when I grow up”.

It’s hard work, it takes practice and skill, and it’s demanding. Most of us dream of leaving our mark on culture quickly because we have a new way – a better way – of doing things. But to have a lasting impact it is important to first learn to honor the strengths of the existing culture.


Trade work requires us to first honor the work of master craftsmen and to learn proven systems before improvising. It’s hard to find young talent excited about trade work because it requires humility, hard work and the ability to take critique as an opportunity to learn.

Recognize and Promote Hard Work

Our team has benefited this year from a few young guys that approached us wanting to learn the trade. We build on skill and character and we invest in developing people.

Brian Brown, owner of Joseph’s Coat Painting said, “Both David and Judah immediately impressed us with their persistence, their willingness to learn, their commitment to detail and their positive attitudes. These are the type of guys that will make a difference in our industry– kids like this will help us redefine how people view tradesmen.”


We have some of the best, most experienced painters in the business. Many of our leads started and operated painting companies before joining Joseph’s Coat Painting. “We’re just trying to build a company that recognizes and promotes hard work and it’s paying off, not just in quality, but it’s really changing how our community sees the work of a painter.”

Building Something That Lasts

It is hard to build something that lasts. It takes time, preparation and a good foundation and it takes people who are going to steward it for years to come. Consistency in Arizona, high-quality products and our commitment to the community is why Joseph’s Coat Painting can honor the best warranty in the business – 10-year application and 10-year product warranty.

And as a family-owned business that has been operating for 18 years, that has passed from father to son, we are committed to building something that lasts and has an impact on our city.