Whether you’re moving into a new house, restoring an old one or itching for a change in domestic scenery, a new coat of paint is the simplest, fastest and most affordable way to completely refresh an interior and make a house feel like home. But there are a lot of potential problems that can keep you from opening that new can of paint, and one of the more serious ones is allergies.

I have allergies—will paint trigger them?

The painting process can, in fact, cause allergic reactions. It’s not, as you might assume, that people can be specifically allergic to paint itself, but rather that paint contains a number of chemicals that can aggravate existing allergies. These chemicals vary from paint to paint, depending on the brand, and some types of paint will actually continue to off-gas these chemicals for years to come, long after the paint is dry. For people susceptible to these chemicals, this means continuous low-grade allergic reactions every time they walk into their recently painted room or house.

Will using a professional painting service lower my risk of allergic reaction?

If you’re concerned that paint fumes will aggravate your allergies, the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and your home is to hire a painting service in Phoenix, AZ to handle the job for you. Professional painters take the quality of the paint they use seriously and will factor your needs, both aesthetically and health-wise, into their plan of attack. At Joseph’s Coat Painting, we like to use paint that will release the least amount of aggravating fumes, both when it’s wet and after it’s dry.

Additionally, a painting service also uses professional protective equipment to minimize the spread of paint fumes throughout your home, shielding you from potential allergens. This is next to impossible for the average homeowner engaging in a weekend painting project; you would have to drop a pretty penny stocking up on masks, specialized clothing and gear, plastic sheeting and more to protect yourself from the paint fumes—and then you’re stuck with a bunch of paint-covered products that will be too messy to store, too project-specific to use again and too much of an investment to comfortably throw away! But a professional painting service will be in and out in no time, leaving you with no cleanup and no headaches, either logistical or physical.

Contact a painting service in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re thinking about making a change and repainting the interior of your home, consider Joseph’s Coat Painting for your home painting needs. We use only high-quality products, so you never have to worry about the paint fumes affecting your health, and because we have a manager for each project, you can rest assured that your house painting project will get the attention it deserves, whatever your needs may be. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting service in Phoenix, AZ, and we also offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to call us today to get a quote for safely and beautifully refreshing your home!