Joseph's Coat Painting

When it comes to choosing paint, it’s not only about colors, undertones and color combinations. We also found that our clients are wondering how to choose the right paint sheen for their home. The type of sheen you choose for a paint is just as important, depending on the application site and desired effect.

At Joseph’s Coat, we prefer to use Dunn Edwards paint for all of the work we do. Dunn Edwards’ products and paint grades are of the highest quality and are made specifically for the high desert temperatures in the Southwest.¬†Dunn Edwards is also a great resource for color inspiration, find out more about selecting sheens on their blog.

Now, on to sheens:


Painting your ceiling? Flat is the way to go. It has the truest depth of color and zero reflection giving you rich color. Stains are difficult to remove on flat paint, so if it’s going on your walls, make sure it’s in a low-traffic area.


Right between a flat and an eggshell, velvet paint is just as rich in color with a bit more reflective gloss in it. It’s more washable than a flat with low reflection perfect for hallways or kids rooms.


Even glossier than the last, eggshell paints are most popular in main interior rooms and bedrooms. They have great washability and provide rich color and depth to the paint that’s right between a velvet and semi-gloss.


Perfect for trim, doors and moldings, semi-gloss paint has high washability and high resistance against stains. We typically recommend that semi-gloss paints should not be chosen for walls, since they have the tendency to reflect surface imperfections, holes and rough spots.

For more information about our painting services or help on choosing the right paint sheen, contact us for a free painting estimate.