Which do you associate with energy and productivity: orange or brown? Which sounds more relaxing: a blue or a yellow office space? Studies have shown that color directly affects workplace productivity and employee morale. When you hire a commercial painting service in Phoenix, AZ to freshen your workplace walls, it’s important to keep these effects in mind.

Use the following guide to make your commercial space as inviting and productive as possible. The right colors can help shape your environment to create a better business. You’ll benefit from more enjoyable workdays and an improved bottom line!

High-Stress Environments

Does the nature of your business create stressful situations for your employees? Cool, neutral colors can provide a calming effect to counteract this stress. To help keep employee blood pressure healthy and tensions low, apply a coat of blue paint. Blue evokes feelings of calmness. It will help your employees do their jobs in a more relaxed manner. Keep in mind, darker shades can also make people feel “blue,” so don’t depress your workers with a midnight blue office.

Focused Work

Do your employees complete detailed projects in a specific area of the building? Neutral greens add a touch of color without distracting or adding stress. They are good for promoting a calm atmosphere while also helping people focus. If you want to promote efficiency and a low-stress environment, green will help develop this atmosphere.

Break Rooms

Your employees come here to escape work for a while, so make this space relaxing. Choose colors from the green, blue and purple families to encourage tranquility. Avoid colors that are too dark, since this will make the space feel small, cramped and uninviting and can also cause depression. Keep shades light and soothing so your employees have a welcoming place to unwind. They’ll come back to their posts more refreshed and ready to work.

Public Areas

Does your commercial space include a welcome area for customers or guests? Encourage welcoming feelings with warm colors such as red, orange and yellow if you want to portray an exciting environment. Use neutral beiges and whites to make the space as open and airy as possible, to portray a large, inviting atmosphere.


How large is your commercial space? If it includes various workspaces, make these different colors. Do not make the entire building the same color. This causes feelings of claustrophobia and monotony. Your employees will feel confined and bored. Instead, create distinct areas with different color schemes and décor. This will help keep morale boosted and employees engaged.

Pick Your Paint for Productivity

If you’re considering contacting commercial painting services in Phoenix, AZ, keep these color effects in mind. Don’t simply choose your favorite hue from home. If you want to create the most productive workspace possible, keep in mind how your color choices will affect your workforce. If you need additional advice, the color experts at Joseph’s Coat Painting are ready to assist you. We can help you choose the best shades to create the atmosphere you need for commercial success. Contact us today to get started.