Have you ever described your emotional state as “blue”? Have you ever been so angry you “saw red”? There’s a reason we use colorful descriptions for our emotions. Research has shown that colors and emotions are related. Because of this, the paint choices you make with help from a residential painting service in Phoenix, AZ can affect the mood in your home.

Use the following color guide as you select the hues for each of your rooms. This will help you achieve the look and feel you want for your space:

  • Warm colors: These include reds, oranges and yellows. They are associated with heat and light, generating warm and energetic feelings.
  • Cool colors: These colors include blues, greens and purples. They are associated with nature, bringing out calm and peaceful feelings.
  • Red: Red bursts with energy and intensity. It can literally stimulate the body, increasing blood pressure and adrenaline. Choose it for your dining room if you want to stimulate appetite. Paint your entertaining areas red if you want to encourage lively conversation and excitement.
  • Yellow: This is the color of sunshine and happiness, but be careful how you use it. Soft yellows can add a cheery and uplifting feeling to a room, but bright yellows can prove overwhelming and cause short tempers or sleepless nights.
  • Orange: This color evokes feelings of warmth and welcome, as well as energy and excitement. These traits make it a good choice for entertaining areas or exercise rooms.
  • Blue: Don’t go too dark with your blue selections, as they can trigger feelings of sadness. However, lighter shades offer calming effects, making blue a great choice for the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Green: The color of nature, green stimulates feelings of growth and renewal. It also offers calming effects, similar to blue, and it offers the cheer of yellow. Use green in rooms where you want to feel relaxed and de-stress.
  • Purple: Various shades of purple evoke different responses. Darker shades are associated with royalty, bringing out feelings of sophistication. Lighter shades encourage feelings of relaxation and rest.
  • Black: In small doses, black can add an air of sophistication, mystery or secrecy. If a space features too much black, it can stir up a melancholy mood. Consult with your residential painting service in Phoenix, AZ to determine the proper amount of black for your space.
  • White: White represents wholeness. It makes a space feel bigger and more open. Use it to create the illusion of large, airy spaces with plenty of room to breathe.

Don’t miss out on the applications of color psychology! As you select the palette with help from your residential painting service in Phoenix, AZ, keep these effects in mind. It’s not just the furniture, art and people that shape the mood of a room. The colors of the walls can tip the emotional scale, too. Use paint colors to help you relax where you want to relax and enjoy energy where you need it. Contact the color experts at Joseph’s Coat Painting to discuss the best color solutions for each room of your home.