painted exteriorSimply painting a kitchen or living room can be a daunting task on its own, but when it comes time to tackle the other side of your walls, the project becomes another matter entirely. Exterior renovations can be a herculean feat even in the best conditions, and we mean that literally: without the safety of the indoors, weather and temperature become crucial factors in choosing when and how to paint the outside of your home.

Exterior House Painter in Phoenix, AZ

Joseph’s Paint Coating strives to be a Phoenix, AZ exterior house painter that can take care of not only the bigger picture (which can be very big indeed!), but also the little details that a homeowner can’t afford to overlook.

Directly exposed as they are to the worst of the heat, wind, heat, rain, heat, and hail that Arizona has to offer (did we mention the heat?), your outdoor surfaces need to be thoroughly prepped before they’re ready to be put to the brush. While it may be tempting to cut corners to save costs and time on what is sure to be an already demanding assignment, it’s better to take whatever precautions are necessary and put in the money at the onset to ensure longevity. Better do the work now then have to constantly worry about upkeep and fixes for years down the line!

First, the paint itself. Beyond choosing color (and you’ll likely be wanting more than one!), you will need to make a variety of other decisions that are key to finding the right match for you. What kind of material are you working with? Do you need a latex- or oil-based brand? What kind of finish do you want? Something glossy, or a more subdued sheen? Don’t forget the primer! Then comes brushes, the ideal choice varying on what type of paint you’re using and what part of the home you’re focusing on.

Perhaps most important to the preparation process is the treatment of your exterior. Open to the elements as they are, your walls are likely in need of a good wash and some general upkeep before they can be dressed up. Surfaces need to be sanded, scraped, and cleaned to ensure an even canvas, while trimming and siding that has been damaged needs to be repaired and filled in.

Even with all of that out of the way, the actual painting process is a time-intensive one. A dangerous operation, too, if you need to get up to the higher parts of your home. Safety shouldn’t be sacrificed for speed, but the opposite holds true as well. That’s where we at Joseph’s Paint Coating come in! We take care of the aforementioned groundwork to make sure everything is ready, then move on to the job proper with both quality and quantity in mind. Your time is valuable, but thoroughness is important to make sure the work is done right the first time.

painted exterior

Residential Painting Service in Phoenix, AZ

Homeowners looking for residential painting service in Phoenix, AZ have their pick of many contractors, but finding one that is both trustworthy and affordable isn’t easy. Joseph’s Paint Coating wants to be that ideal for you. Let us show you how a beautiful house can — and should — be attained!