Epoxy Floors

epoxy garage floorWhen doing home renovations or upkeep, it can be easy to forget that the very ground you walk on is no less important of an asset to your living space: one that needs to be taken care of to last. Plush rugs and fine-grained hardwood are luxurious (and expensive) enough to receive special treatment, but the more commonplace materials need attention, too!

Epoxy Floor Company in Phoenix, AZ

Joseph’s Coat Painting offers Phoenix, AZ customers work on not only their vertical surfaces, but their horizontal ones as well. As an epoxy floor company alongside our painting specialties, we can treat your garage flooring to give it a smooth, clean finish that keeps it looking great and safe from wear and tear to boot.

By applying several layers of highly durable polymer to a concrete floor, we create a smooth, seamless surface that is not only protected from damage and staining, but is also made much easier to clean of any dirt, dust, or debris. It requires little to no major maintenance, needing only basic upkeep to take care of surface messes. And because it is non-porous, epoxy is water-resistant as well, preventing spills caused by painting, auto care, and other potentially messy projects from ruining your floor permanently.

With its heightened durability, a treated floor is difficult to chip or even scratch, which makes it ideal for industrial spaces, whether that space is in a commercial business or your own home. Its application will both cover up existing damage to a surface and keep it safe from further casualties, while also making it anti-slip and resistant to heat — an ideal feature in sunny Arizona!

epoxy garage floor

An epoxy floor is essentially a one-and-done deal: once it’s set, so are you. No need to worry about cracks or discoloration! And speaking of color: Joseph’s Coat Painting offers a variety of shades to choose from, allowing you a custom appearance that can match or complement the rest of your garage. It’s attractive, shiny finish provides more than a good look, though: the highly reflective nature of the material can noticeably brighten your space without any additional lighting.

Once prepped, the application process of epoxy is fairly quick, but it is important to fix any imperfections in a surface before installation, as flaws can break the seal and damage the longevity of the material. No need to worry, however! We provide pre-coating maintenance before treatment to ensure that your results last.

Epoxy Floor Service in Phoenix, AZ

If nothing else, epoxy provides a useful and convenient alternative to those looking for new flooring. Why spend the money and time to tear everything up and start from scratch? Forgo the need for additional, costly steps for teardown and removal, and use us to preserve and upgrade what you already have for a fraction of the price.

It’s likely that your garage is the one place in your home that regularly sees the most heavy-duty work, so it’s important that one keeps it both durable and safe throughout its frequent use. Joseph’s Coat Painting provides Phoenix, AZ homeowners with the ideal solution, so give us a call to learn more about our epoxy floor services!