Drywall Repair Contractor

Some people call it sheet rock and some people call it drywall, but no matter what you call it, it’s the standard material for your home’s walls, and like anything in your home, it can become damaged for a number of reasons. In fact, damaged drywall might be the reason you’re thinking about getting your walls repainted in the first place. But is your painter also a drywall repair contractor?

drywall putty

Here at Joseph’s Coat Painting in Phoenix, AZ, we know that drywall services are a key feature of any painting package. That’s why before any paint touches your property, we get to work to ensure your walls provide a smooth surface free of all cracks and chips. We have the skills, training, and proper tools to ensure a smooth surface. We’re not just the best painters in Phoenix, AZ and beyond, we’re also drywall repair contractors

drywall repair

At Joseph’s Coat Painting, our hand picked drywall repair technicians and have the solution for your drywall problems, including:

  • Nail Holes, Gashes, Nicks & Scrapes
  • Nail Pops
  • Holes
  • Water and Electrical Damage
  • Tears
  • Damage from Scoring Tools

Plus like with all of our services, when you allow us to provide you with a drywall repair service, you’re getting more than just drywall and paint. You’re getting the benefit of working with a company that was built from the ground up by a father-son team whose hand picked team of painters, foremen, estimators and office staff are all committed to serving you and making sure you’re completely satisfied with your drywall. Our staff loves working here at Joseph’s Coat Painting and they love making sure your drywall is perfectly repaired beyond all expectations.

drywall ceilingOur Drywall Repair Services Include:

  • Drywall Hanging
  • Taping
  • Puttying
  • Texturing
  • Spackling
  • Cleanup
  • Frequent Quality Checks
  • Project Manager
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Happy Drywall Repair Team

No matter how big or small your drywall repair job is, from patching and repainting picture hook damage to retexturizing and prepping for a complete home painting project, let our family oriented, quality service dedicated staff provide you with service that goes far beyond just drywall. Call us for your free drywall repair estimate today and discover why we’ve grown into one of the best painting and drywall companies in the Valley. “Let’s work together to make your house more of a home.”