There. I said it.

You’re probably saying “What?! That is not a good way for you to start a post about customer care.” When we sat down to write our core values we were challenged by a much bigger question, “Is it possible for a painting company to do work that serves not just the customer – but our employees, our company, and ultimately our city?”

Quality Painting for the Good of All

A statement like this is bold and beautiful but creates an incredible amount of tension. It requires humility, conviction and wisdom but ultimately we were convinced that working for the benefit of the whole is well worth it.

The word “All” is important to us because it reminds us that people are more important than things, always winning, or being right.


Who is the All?

Our Customer

“We offer award-winning customer service – not because we need approval, but because we value people.”

Because our customer care is rooted in the value we place on the people we serve, and not our rightness, we take seriously our commitment to quality application and quality products and back it up with one of the best warranties in the industry.

We don’t just want our customers to feel right, we want their satisfaction to continue long after we are gone. For them to know they made the best decision for their home. To see, five to ten years down the road, the product and workmanship have stood the test of time. To have confidence in Joseph’s Coat Painting – that we value our word and do what we say. Not to prove rightness, but because we value people.

Our Employees

We have a team of dedicated professionals that work hard to give our customers the best service from start to finish. From knowledgeable estimators and skilled painters to experienced crew leads and expert administrators, our team is constantly thinking about others.

paiterThese are not just skilled craftsmen – but family men – generous both in and out of work. When our team succeeds, we succeed. When our team feels valued and rested, we produce better results.

We want our employees and their families to succeed because it means our communities benefit.

Our Company

This may seem obvious and simple but when our company grows we can provide more jobs, serve more customers, improve more homes, help other businesses succeed, give more, and have a greater impact on culture.

companyWe want to grow. Not because we want more, but because we want to give more.

Our City

We know “All” does not stop with our city or Arizona. In serving our city we hope to develop a culture of beauty and generosity that inspires other communities.

When you value people, being right just seems so small. When you work for the good of others you quickly start to see that your actions impact not just your customer, but the guy working next to you, your community… All.

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