We have been more than pleased with the amount of support we’ve gotten since releasing our company video. From friends and family to fellow contractors in town and other business owners big and small, the unity and encouragement has been incredibly humbling for us at Joseph’s Coat.

For the past 15 years, we have been a family-owned company that takes pride in honest, hard work and great service. Our heart behind creating and releasing the above video was to not only show our customers who we are, but also what we’re about.

Thanks to a great friend over at Media 15, we began planning the visions behind not only the main video but also a series of four culture videos to explain our heart behind some main drives of our company.

After initial planning of each video with various people in our company, including our owner, business development manager, and marketing representative, filming began in the early summer months of this year.

Our goal was to capture our very own crews, doing what they do on each jobsite and showing a real picture of our process and attention to detail. Using a range of film equipment from DSLR’s to even a drone for some aerial footage, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

With the help of some great interviews and insight from our owner, project manager and business development manager, not to mention one of our crew leaders, our culture videos are a great representation of who we are as a whole.

We hope you enjoy the videos and we’ll be releasing a series of in-depth posts on each culture video over the next few weeks.

Enjoy, and share with your friends!