When we started planning out this series of culture videos, we wanted to make sure we got our most important points across. Whether it be for our potential or current customers as well as prospective employees, our concern for quality was important.

We believe quality matters, and that’s why we’ve set the workflow and process of our jobs to reflect that belief.

During production of this video in the series, we talked to our project manager, Matt, who ensures a high standard of quality is met at each job site. There are three things that set us apart as a contractor: quality tools and materials, consistent application, and layers of accountability.

With warranties on both our paint application and workmanship along with efficient systems that provide great paint application, we wanted to ensure viewers that we care about our work. In any trade or service, quality should always be valued and often times can fall by the wayside.

Our crews and leaders at Joseph’s Coat want to break contractor stereotypes we’re all too familiar with. Unresponsiveness, lack in thoroughness, and any other less-than-honorable experiences with contractors are far too common. Our hope is even when we drop the ball or fail to deliver the service we intend, that we can smooth out issues with humility and honesty.

When someone cares about what they do, it makes a difference in the end result. We hope that can be said about every job our company completes.

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Up next week: Development Matters.