Color Consulting Service

choosing paintThe process that goes into choosing a color for your walls can become very complicated, very quickly. If there’s an entire psychological field dedicated to it, you know that it isn’t quite so easy as pulling a crayon out of a box and saying “this one.” Believing that you want red because it’s been your favorite since childhood seems like a straightforward solution, certainly, but don’t be surprised if the approach backfires, or at least hits a snag right out of the gate.

Paint Color Consulting in Phoenix, AZ

No, the right shade requires some serious forethought and planning, which is why Joseph’s Coat Painting is about more than simply slapping a layer or two down and calling it a day. Before application, we also provide paint color consulting and design to make sure that we’ve found the ideal match for your Phoenix home.

Painting (or repainting) is a big project that takes time and effort to do properly, so it’s vital to ensure that you have a hue you know you’ll like before we get started. What sort of mood are you looking for in a particular room? Do you want it to feel inviting or intimate? Expansive or private? Exciting or soothing? What about the exterior? It’s a color that you’ll be seeing every day, especially indoors; one that will have a subtle but crucial impact on your state of mind while in that space. Even if you find a shade you like, numerous factors have to be considered, because how it looks on a card may be very different from how it would look up on your wall.

Beyond this are more practical implications to keep in mind: your paint plays an important role in how both natural and artificial light brightens and heats your home. “Hot” and “cold” aren’t simply artistic concepts when it comes to paint design! With Phoenix a place of such extreme temperatures, it would be a mistake to not consider how your decision plays a part in climate control.

Paint Design in Phoenix, AZ

paint transformation

Choosing a color is just the beginning, though; especially if you’re tackling more than a single room. What overall scheme do you want your house to have? How should the design “flow” from one space to another? Have you thought about what kind of finish you want? What if you want multiple colors for separate walls or accents?

Picking paint isn’t necessarily something you need a degree for, but the amount of choice available is often overwhelming. Wander down the paint aisle of any home improvement store, and you’ll discover that your firm and straightforward desire for “red” becomes a lot more stressful when you’re then faced with several hundred variations, which run the gamut from “pink” to “carmine” and dozens of subtle shades in between.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Paint design is a collaborative process, and we will work closely with you to find the hue that best fits you. Just how easy the decision will be can fluctuate wildly, depending on the size and complexity of your project. However long it may take, our brushes won’t come out until you’re completely confident with your choice.

For paint color consulting in the Phoenix, AZ area, give Joseph’s Coat Painting a call! The ideal look is out there; let us help you find it.