5 Secrets For Painting Your House Like A Pro

So you want to paint your house like a pro? Chances are you care a lot about your home. For most of us our house is the biggest investment we ever make. But It’s also where we live life, create memories, host friends and family, and build community. Your home is important. No matter how big or small it is, paint helps define space and makes ... More

Exterior painting palettes

Exterior painting palettes can be hard to choose. When painting your home's exterior, and have some creative freedom, the options for body, trim and accent colors can seem endless. Houzz put together a helpful list of  tips on choosing your exterior paint palette. More so than just choosing colors, think about the elements on your ... More

How to paint difficult surfaces

Have some tile, wood or vinyl or even concrete surfaces that you'd like to paint but just don't know how? We've been there, often times our customers request specialty painting for challenging surfaces just like these. While we're not specialty painters, we've been known to stain and apply epoxy. But for those extra difficult ... More

Fall’s trending paint colors

Fall colors have made their way into all things home décor, including paint options. Normally think of creams, beiges, burnt oranges and cranberry reds when you think of fall-inspired colors? HGTV put together this awesome slideshow of creative ways to paint with trending fall colors. And the best part is, it that it's all about accent... More

Professional tips on exterior home painting

Time to get the exterior of your home painted? When choosing a contractor or painter for the job, you want to make sure they value quality and understand that it's more than just applying paint to a surface. We found a great list of tips and advice on exterior painting over at DIY Network to make sure you get a lasting paint job. Our ... More

Tips on prepping your walls for paint

Have one wall or a few rooms in your home that desperately need painting and want to stretch your DIY legs? We found a great article and how-to on Refresh Restyle about how to prep your walls before painting. "To get a professional look prep the surface before you start. You’re like me, temped to just crack open a can of paint and ... More