Our Painter Made the Difference

When we send one of our crews to your home, you probably won’t remember the hundreds of 5-star reviews you saw on Angie’s List, BBB or Facebook. You won’t be impressed by our awards or our fancy Website. You’re looking for a fast, affordable, quality paint job. We believe consistent high-quality work starts with quality people. As ... More

Quality Painting In Tucson

A Tucson Painting Company Diversity makes us better. When we work with people from different places, with unique experiences we find new and better ways to get things done. That’s why Joseph’s Coat Painting is planting roots in Tucson. Tucson has a long history of hard work and determination that’s created a strong community. Commit... More

Quality Painting for the Good of All

Let’s face it, work is primarily seen as a means to an end. We work hard with hopes of improving our quality of life. We work to support our passions. We work so someday we won’t have to work. If you view work as nothing more than a necessary evil, the significant end-of-year investment that Joseph’s Coat Painting made in ... More

July Employee of the Month: Chris Olesen

 Our July employee of the month at Joseph's Coat Painting has put in tons of work and heartfelt effort not only in the past few weeks, but also in the foundational growth of our company. Chris has also stepped into his leadership role with caring for our guys, customers and finishing jobs with top-notch quality. "Chris has amazing ... More

Meet our office manager: Diana

As we aim to build up our company, finding the right pieces to fit the puzzle is key. We knew we needed an executive team who could serve in multiple roles and had the potential to grow over time. In hiring our new office manager, Diana Martinez, we were pleased to also have a company writer to focus on branding and marketing efforts. ... More