The Customer Isn’t Always Right

There. I said it. You’re probably saying “What?! That is not a good way for you to start a post about customer care.” When we sat down to write our core values we were challenged by a much bigger question, “Is it possible for a painting company to do work that serves not just the customer – but our employees, our company, and ... More

7 Best Painting Companies in Arizona

Getting your house or business painted is a big investment – we want you to make a confident and informed decision. It’s important to research, ask questions, compare reviews, and compare service and pricing. We know, whether you’re just looking to get a few rooms rolled in your home, or wanting to spray the exterior of a large ... More

When Did “Serve” Become a Four-Letter Word?

The service industry is broken. It’s hard to remember the last time I didn’t feel like an inconvenience to the person providing me a paid service. Like in some way, me spending money for a meal (plus tip) or asking my contractor for another set of paint swatches to look over is an inconvenience. It feels like many people in customer ... More

I Want to Be a Painter When I Grow Up

You don’t hear many kids say “I want to be a painter when I grow up”. It’s hard work, it takes practice and skill, and it’s demanding. Most of us dream of leaving our mark on culture quickly because we have a new way – a better way – of doing things. But to have a lasting impact it is important to first learn to honor the ... More

7 Things You Don’t Know About Your Painter

Trade work is hard work that mostly goes unnoticed, but every day we benefit from the labor of skilled tradesmen. We live in homes they constructed, we drive on roads they laid and maintain, we work and shop in buildings they built – when you really start to think about it, life and culture wouldn’t be the same without tradesmen. We ... More

Our Painter Made the Difference

When we send one of our crews to your home, you probably won’t remember the hundreds of 5-star reviews you saw on Angie’s List, BBB or Facebook. You won’t be impressed by our awards or our fancy Website. You’re looking for a fast, affordable, quality paint job. We believe consistent high-quality work starts with quality people. As ... More

5 Secrets For Painting Your House Like A Pro

So you want to paint your house like a pro? Chances are you care a lot about your home. For most of us our house is the biggest investment we ever make. But It’s also where we live life, create memories, host friends and family, and build community. Your home is important. No matter how big or small it is, paint helps define space and makes ... More

Quality Painting In Tucson

A Tucson Painting Company Diversity makes us better. When we work with people from different places, with unique experiences we find new and better ways to get things done. That’s why Joseph’s Coat Painting is planting roots in Tucson. Tucson has a long history of hard work and determination that’s created a strong community. Commit... More

Quality Painting for the Good of All

Let’s face it, work is primarily seen as a means to an end. We work hard with hopes of improving our quality of life. We work to support our passions. We work so someday we won’t have to work. If you view work as nothing more than a necessary evil, the significant end-of-year investment that Joseph’s Coat Painting made in ... More

Culture Video: Generosity Matters

We believe generosity is necessary for community change. When we give to others, it shows that we don't hold on tightly to what we have and it shows that we care more about the success of others. Our company strives to look at our resources through a lens of service and generosity. Because of this, we're seeing our crews flourish, ... More