Management, direction, leadership, branding, blogging and culture development. Things you might not associate with painting companies, but it’s exactly what our multi-disciplinary executive team at Joseph’s Coat Painting is all about. Centered around a strong conviction to serve and beautify our city, each role in our executive team is strategically placed to further our vision for our company and to train and develop the men we hire.


From our customer’s first interaction with our company, either online or on the phone, we hope it’s an impression of humility, service and care that comes full circle. Our office manager, Diana, handles estimate scheduling for our customers as well as social media, website, blog and brand management. We believe our Joseph’s Coat story should flow through every area of our company, from the way we answer our phones to our voice on social media outlets.

Ground level

On the ground level, we care most about quality and service. Our foreman, Robert, and our projects manager, Matt, ensure that both system and attention to detail are taken care of for each job we work. As the lead painter in our company, Robert is highly knowledgeable and skilled in technique, application and training. As our first point of contact for all site-related matters, Matt oversees each job and project with great customer care and organization. Also a multi-talented painter, Matt handles all of our touch ups and customer questions.


We believe development is crucial to the health of a company. Aaron, our business development manager, cares for the health of our employees and serves as a source for leadership, company culture and business development for Joseph’s Coat. Aaron also handles a bulk of our estimates and customer relations, and is a strong, business-minded part of our executive team.


Joseph and son Brian have led Joseph’s Coat Painting with integrity and outstanding work ethic since 1999 where they painted, booked jobs and ran the company on their own. From our dedication to our service and character as a company, everything trickles down from the wise and service-oriented leadership of our two owners. Not to mention, both are hands-on in nearly every level of our company, from job sites to our website.

We are more than proud to represent this company, collaborating and working together to beautify our city and serve the people around us.