We have grown so much in the past few years, but nothing like we saw in 2014. It was a year filled with so many growing pains, but even more positive growth.

The culture we push in Josephs Coat Painting is never about our financial growth, although

it is important to reach these goals, we are more concerned with the health of our guys. We want our employees to have healthy marriages, healthy relationships, raising their kids well and excelling in all areas of life. We believe that the best employees aspire to have healthy family lives and relationships outside of work. Last year we witnessed an amazing amount of growth. Chris Olsean and Matt Seymour were both hired last year and both moved up very quickly into leadership positions. Both are crew leaders and doing such an amazing job. We brought in a long time friend, Troy, and put him with Robert who has been a crew leader for almost 3 years. We did not expect that Troy would excel as well as he has. Robert, who is hands down one of Arizona’s best exterior painters, has spent countless hours developing him into the kind of painter we expect at Joseph’s Coat Painting. This year we brought in three painting assistants. Freddy is a 4-year painter and excelled well in other companies, Joseph’s Coat is more than glad to have him on our team. He has adapted well with us and we expect by summer-time for him to be a crew leader. Luis joined us last year as an experienced and talented painter. He is a very solid painter with a great grasp of quality customer service. He celebrated the birth of his second daughter this year. Jose just finished his service in the United States Marine corp. Jose stepped into the role of painting and didn’t skip a beat in regards to his amazing work ethic. We are very proud of Jose and honored to have a US veteran on our staff. Jose will celebrate the birth of his 4th child this year.

In 2014 we have added a total of 6 new painters, 5 new families, 13 new kids and 1 one more on the way! These are the kinds of things that excite us the most. We painted almost 200 homes, and received over 150 reviews, 95% of those reviews being A’s! We built a new relationship with Paul Davis Restoration company, a top 75 fastest growing company in the US. We deal with all their drywall and painting needs. We also joined forces with Titan Restoration dealing with their painting and drywall needs. This year we used one of the many talents of Matt Seymour and started drywall which produces new customers and more relationships. We started the year as the second most reviewed company and ended as the number one most reviewed company and number one highest reviewed company in both interior and exterior painting on Angie’s List. We received awards in exterior painting, interior painting and drywall. This award is called the Super Service Award given out by Angie’s List and it is only given to top 5% of companies in each field.

In 2014 we were able to serve our community in a variety of ways. We had the opportunity to donate our money, time and resources to the building of Alhambra Redemption Church’s new campus. Our guys spent many nights working overtime and seeing the heart of why we do what we do. Alhambra Redemption Church is where a good amount of us call home, and to serve this amazing church is more than just a blessing to us. The leaders in this church have impacted our company in ways that go beyond our work places. Pastor Aaron Dailey has helped develop in us a deep understanding of culture and leadership that we reflect to our business. We also helped fund mission trips all around the world, Walk for Life and many other events. We say this not to boast in ourselves, but to show how much we have to be thankful for.

As we move into this 2015 year we come in with a lot of momentum and excitement. We never want to move away from what God is doing and we never try to just keep making things happen. But, we feel as we are given more, we want to do more. We want to continue growing in humility and asking “ how can we steward all we have been given”. This year Joseph Brown the original founder and owner has moved in to a role that we believe benefits him the most and the company. Joseph has built a company that is founded on strong standards and high quality. We want to continue growing in the generosity that Joseph has built for the past 15 years. Joseph is spending the last part of his time before retirement in training and building higher quality team members. We feel their is no one better to play this role than the originator of it. Joseph will focus this year on developing, building structures, building standards and quality control. The company is most successful when Joseph is filling this role and we are beyond thankful for his heart in creating standards that will last beyond his time in the company. Brian Brown co owner will move into a role of overseeing the companies business development, revenue production, leadership growth, team building and vision. Brian is moving into a position that he will sit in well after Joseph retires. He will help drive our customer growth and create a long lasting company.

Our goal for 2015 is to see our crews grow stronger, raise leaders from within and develop strong men in all areas of life. We are hoping to add an additional one or two more crews this year and create more relationships with owners, companies and home owners. By the end of the year we hope to accomplish all this all while making what we have even stronger. In order to do this we realize that we must fill positions that we never expected to fill. We are very excited to announce that we are bringing in Hans Shouse, our new Business Development Manager. Hans will take over Brian’s role with estimates, scheduling and production management. This is such a huge role to fill and something we understand we must take on to continue and grow into a larger company and household name. Hans comes well qualified and his resume speaks volumes of his capabilities. Beyond the resume, Hans leads his family and community well and has the character we expect at Josephs Coat Painting. Hans is expected to fill the role well, and by next year hoping to produce more contracts, more relationships and more business concepts that align with our goals. We could not be more excited to have Hans joining our team and could not be more thankful for his excitement to join Josephs Coat Painting.

We thank everyone who has supported us through the year and all who have spent time praying for us and encouraging us. Please continue to spread the word about us and helping us grow and serve well. We look forward to all this year has to bring and we hold fast that ALL GLORY BE TO GOD.